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Spellbinding accounts of personal encounters with life after death from archaeologists, physicists, a retired colonel, a librarian, clinical psychologist, sales executive, publisher and doctors and nurses who have worked with hundreds of dying patients.  They have seen souls leaving the body at death, angelic beings, spirit entities, golden orbs, physical manifestations and more. Updates the continuing saga of the Forrest J Ackerman case.

For a limited time, the sequel is offered in a Special Collectors' Edition 2-DVD set with the film "The Life After Death Project"  broadcast on Syfy.  Running time of each film is the same:  1 hour 41 minutes.


John Lerma
Dr. John Lerma has provided end-of-life care for patients for over 15 years.  He states that life after death is a reality based on things he has seen in his medical practice.  
John B Alexander
Author John Alexander, among many areas of expertise, is highly knowledgeable about evidence for life after death, even supporting the idea that the deceased can appear to us as a solid, physical, bodily manifestation.  He studied this field with Elizabeth Kubler-Ross, a trailblazer both for hospice care and for acknowledging unexplained spirit phenomena.
C Swanson
Princeton physicist Claude Swanson theorizes in his book, THE SYNCHRONIZED UNIVERSE, about the more esoteric phenomena of physics that he thinks could account for continued existence of consciousness and personality after death.
Marisa Ryan
Marisa Ryan lived a normal life as a top salaried sales executive when her whole life changed as a result of a visit from the spirit of a murder victim.  She was told secrets about the murder by the frequently appearing spirit entity, who urged her to go to the police, to help them find her head.  Marisa claims the victim was in fact decapitated, a fact that had never been published.
Debbie AND Theresa
Debbie K. Smith and Theresa Vigil have seen things, as late night emergency room nurses, that have startled and shocked them - including a strange man who keeps showing up in the hospital in the dark of night and vanishes instantly without a trace.  There have also been other witnesses.
William Tiller
Dr. William Tiller, noted for his participation in the documentary WHAT THE BLEEP DO WE KNOW, has a solid foundation in physics as a longtime Stanford Professor.  He introduces Dr. Stanislav O'Jack, whose spirit photographs, taken with the lens cap on the camera, have been tested and witnessed under controlled laboratory conditions by Dr. Tiller.
Stanislav Ojack
Dr. Stanislav O'Jack reportedly has an unusual and intense "bio-field" according to Dr. Tiller that enables him to take photos that seem to enable glimpses of spirit worlds.  Dr. O'Jack (and a colleague) have both experienced the physical, living appearance of Dr. O'Jack's deceased wife from an early marriage, similar to an experience reported by Dr. Eizabeth Kubler-Ross.
David Sereda
David Sereda began receiving visits from spirits when an aunt he was close to died suddenly and unexpectedly.  He explains what the experience of seeing a ghost is like and claims he has had this experience many times.
Lynne Kitei
In THE LIFE AFTER DEATH PROJECT, Dr. Kitei presents an extraordinary Polaroid photo that was taken exactly 10 years after her mother's passing - a photo that showed her mother's "ghostly" arthritic hands holding the family's new kitten.  In the sequel she is back to tell us of the extraordinary events at the time her mother passed, and the unexplained phenomena the day of the funeral.
Bernardo Gallegos
Bernardo Gallegos is a New Mexico actor who has performed for Paul Davids in the fim BEFORE WE SAY GOODBYE.  He tells of a highly unusual experience that convinced him that his deceased little sister appears as an "invisible playmate" for little girls who are now living in the house where his sister died.
Abbot Alexander
Abbott Alexander is a playwright and actor who performed the role of Vincent van Gogh in the Paul Davids film STARRY NIGHT.  He confides about a strange experience he and his wife had shortly after a cat they had cared for had died.  They didn't know the cat was dead at the time, and both, at the same time, saw it walk in through their front door for a brief moment and then vanish.  The cat was so distinctive they knew it instantly.
Linda Alexander
Linda Pace Alexander, wife of Abbott Alexander, has worked for many years with executive producer Hollace Davids, primarily in planning and supervising major film premieres.  In her lifetime she has had many cats, and she confirms the same story her husband tells - that they both did see the cat "Mitch" come into their house and then vanish, after Mitch had died.
Glennys Mackay
Glennys MacKay, the Australisn psychic, appears in THE LIFE AFTER DEATH PROJECT.  She is back in the sequel to convey an astonishing incident involving communication from the spirit of a famous man, and that after the seance, his shadow in profile appeared as an indelible part of a wall in the seance room - it could not be washed away no matter how hard they tried - but it vanished completely one week after he showed up in spirit.
Kathleen Brown
Kathleen Brown has had a career as a Connecticut librarian, living in a house more than a century old that was once a birthing hospital.  Her two year old daughter heard the cries of unseen babies, and weird things kept happening, including books that bounced off shelves.
Carl Langspecht
Carl Langspecht, who appears in both films, is a remarkable clairvoyant who has experienced apportation (unexplained appearance of physical objects in obvious ways in unexpected places).  In the sequel he shares an incident that happened after his mother's passing that convinced him she was in touch with him.
Vicky AND Don Evans
Vickie Evans, archaeologist, is the daughter of a noted archaeologist.  She and her husband have astonishing experiences to share about physical evidence of active spirits of two little boys, and a strange visitor who showed up and vanished the night a neighboring professor passed away.
Melissa Armijo
Melissa Armijo is an employee of a historic saloon in Eagle Nest, New Mexico.  She describes direct encounters with spirits in this frontier-style establishment.