"THE LIFE AFTER DEATH PROJECT is a great documentary on a timeless theme. It is a fascinating film and a true-life enigma that begins with one small, odd incident and mushrooms into a huge, scientific investigation of apparent messages from the ‘Other Side.’ It is also the first “paranormal biopic” – the Afterlife Story of Forrest J Ackerman, a founding father of Hollywood science-fiction who refuses to rest in peace…"
-Pete Hammond, MOVIELINE

Paul Davids once again gives us a challenging and powerful documentary- this time about the existence of life beyond death, providing hard science that might make themost skeptical person believe"

-Rob Simone, talk show host of COAST TO COAST AM and The Rob Simone Talk Show 104.4 FM - London, U.K.


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Lee Speigel of the Huffington Post has written a thorough and accurate review / story about THE LIFE AFTER DEATH PROJECT since its premiere on Syfy.

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Early publicity when the film was a work in progress.  Reported at Whitley Strieber's 

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Author Robert Egby saw a screening of the film as a work in progress.  It was shown at the ASPE conference in Taos.  (ASPE is the Association for the Study of Paranormal Experience).  This was in 2011 - the inception of the film had been two years prior, and it took until 2013 to complete. 

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Again, some of the first public exposure letting the world know the film was coming.  This was the Paul Davids interview for TheoFantastique, which had extensively covered the release of "The Sci-Fi Boys" in 2006. 
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FAMOUS MONSTERS OF FILMLAND, the magazine Forry Ackerman founded in 1958 as editor in chief working with publisher James Warren, is still being published today by Philip Kim (with editor Ed Blair).  Their website,,  is a big booster of THE LIFE AFTER DEATH PROJECT.  They released this announcement on May 9, 2013, with a long article at their site.  Articles in FAMOUS MONSTERS will be published soon.

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This is the page for THE LIFE AFTER DEATH PROJECT at the International Movie DataBase -  There will soon be information at about our sequel also, THE LIFE AFTER DEATH PROJECT 2 - PERSONAL ENCOUNTERS.

Screen shot 2013-05-10 at 10.00.41 AM MVD, with IndieBlitz, put out a press release with extensive details about the national release of the Collector's Edition 2-DVD Set, coming nationwide on July 16th, 2013.
Screen shot 2013-05-10 at 11.39.58 AM George Noory invited Paul Davids, along with Dr. Gary E. Schwartz whose research is so important for the fim, to join him as the main guests on "Coast to Coast a.m." May 13th.  The interview, which will be archived at the "Coast" website, is 3 hours.

Here is a link to watch the Interview:

Paul Davids comes in at the beginning of hour two and Gary Schwartz comes in with Paul starting hour three, and both are interviewed by host George Noory.

Screen shot 2013-05-10 at 11.47.46 AM Many websites have jumped on the news of the release of the film.  Here is a presentation on it from Apprehensive Films.
Screen shot 2013-05-10 at 11.45.56 AM Amos Lasson wrote about the film in anticipation of its release about a week before its unveiling on Syfy.  He picked up on the term first used by critic Pete Hammond who calls it the "World's First Paranormal Bio-Pic." 


As published in Famous Monsters of Filmland

Paul Davids is a lifelong storyteller, a man whose career has involved great projects from the original TRANSFORMERS cartoon to the wonderful ROSWELL. He is a director, producer, writer, and actor who brought us the delightful documentary THE SCI-FI BOYS, detailing the evolution of Sci-Fi. But now comes one of Paul’s most personal and important works to date: THE LIFE AFTER DEATH PROJECT. This new work documents Paul’s personal experiences with strange occurrences in his life following the death of Paul’s dear friend, FM founding editor Forrest J Ackerman. What started out as a seemingly stray mark on a piece of paper has become a massive exploration involving numerous celebrities, experts, and academics into the nature of messages from beyond the grave. Paul chronicles his personal journey to uncover the science behind the unexplained happenings in his life as well as decipher the possible meanings of them all. The project will be airing on SYFY on May 15th (check your local listings for specific times) and is available as a Collector’s Edition double disc DVD with all new footage and updates regarding the most recent instances and research breakthroughs.

“THE LIFE AFTER DEATH PROJECT,” a feature documentary (1 hr 46 minutes) from award-winning filmmaker Paul Davids, progresses from its premiere broadcast on Syfy May 15th, 2013, to an unusual DVD release – unusual in that the film is being packaged with its sequel, a second feature (1 hr 41 minutes) called “THE LIFE AFTER DEATH PROJECT 2 – PERSONAL ENCOUNTERS.” The themes of Paul Davids’ films usually push the envelope of conventional thinking, as demonstrated by his filmography that includes producing and/or directing Showtime’s “ROSWELL” as well as the NBC Universal TV releases “JESUS IN INDIA” and “THE SCI-FI BOYS.” The latter is a film that portrayed the men behind the early monster movies as visionaries who launched a multi-billion dollar industry. “THE SCI-FI BOYS” won a Saturn Award as Best DVD of the year when launched with Peter Jackson’s participation at the time of Jackson’s “KING KONG.” Now Paul Davids focuses on one of the personalities in “THE SCI-FI BOYS” (Forrest J Ackerman) in a claim of after death communication (ADC) that, according to author / psychology professor Dr. Gary E. Schwartz, probably tops them all in the complexity and verifiability of its evidence. Life after death is a subject with many possible avenues, from near death experience (covered by best selling author Dannion Brinkley in “THE LIFE AFTER DEATH PROJECT”) to mediums (Whitley Strieber and professor / author Gary Schwartz are on hand to lead us into the world of mediumship) to dream communications with the deceased (iconic author Richard Matheson covers that angle) to reincarnation (you’ll hear about it from authors John B. Alexander and Paul von Ward in the sequel) to physical phenomena in which it sometimes appears that the dead interact with, and leave messages and clues for, the living. The latter topic gets most of the attention in Davids’ spellbinding and very provocative double-feature.

Yellow Hat Productions, Inc. Presents A Paul Davids Film “The Life After Death Project”   Appearing as Themselves:   Richard Matheson   Whitley Strieber   Dannion Brinkley   Gary E. Schwartz    Michael Shermer     Archival Appearance by Forrest J Ackerman    Narrators   Scot Johnson   Juanita Sena-Shannon   Original Music by Herman Beeftink and Errol G. Specter   Music Supervisor  Sean Fernald    Edited by Paul Davids    Executive Producers  Hollace Davids and Anne Strieber   Written, Produced and Directed by Paul Davids