Anne Strieber

Anne Strieber, who grew up in Ann Arbor Michigan, has a Masters in Education from Bank Street College of Education in New York City.  She and her husband, author Whitley Strieber, have been married for forty-two years.  She reports that they first met through one of the first computer dating services.

Anne is the author of two mysteries:  Little Town Lies and An Invisible Woman, both available at    She is also the editor-in-chief of the popular edge news website, where she produces the podcast Dreamland, hosted by her husband, Whitley Strieber. She also regularly interviews UFO "contactees" for the site, and has accumulated twenty-four of these interviews so far, which can be listened to by the site's subscribers.

Whitley's book, COMMUNION, about his perceived experiences with non-human entities in upstate New York, was a smash New York Times best-seller and reached number one nationally, with over two million copies sold.  After Whitley published his and Anne's NYC Mail Center address in "COMMUNION," kind of on a last-minute whim -- and asked people to send in their experiences, Anne and Whitley received what they estimate to be a quarter-of-a-million letters.  Anne READ and ANSWERED them all. She had to hire someone to help her open them. They got so many that the Mail Center (which was down the street from) wouldn't take them anymore, so postal workers dragged huge, gray canvas bags full of mail into the elevator and brought them up to the Strieber's apartment.

Paul Davids first met Anne and Whitley after he executive produced and co-wrote the Showtime original movie, "Roswell."  Knowing the couples' intense interest in all anomalous experiences, Paul and his wife, Hollace, had lunch with the Striebers to tell them what happened with the incident of the mysterious inkblot that is the subject of "The Life After Death Project."  Anne offered many excellent ideas for experts who could potentially participate in Paul's film, and so it was agreed that she would be an executive producer with Hollace.

Anne and Whitley not only offered an interview for the film, but they critiqued and offered suggestions when they saw the first cut.  Several of the people Anne brought to the project are also in "The Life After Death Project 2 - Personal Encounters," including Dr. John Lerma and Glennys MacKay.